Three Signs Your Upholstery Needs A Good, Professional Clean

When it comes to your upholstery, many people assume that it can go on indefinitely without proper cleaning. They may pass a handheld vacuum over them every now and then and do spot cleans on spills, but other than that, most people do very little in the way of keeping their beloved chairs and sofas clean. This is totally understandable, as most people know very little about upholstery maintenance in general. However, ignoring it can lead to your upholstery prematurely aging and actually deteriorating to the point where it needs repairs. Here are a few signs that you need to book a professional upholstery cleaning in the very near future. 

Bad Odour

If you use your upholstery to the point where it begins to develop a smell, either from the oils that you naturally impart to it or from the smells from your body or food, then that should be a great indicator it needs to be cleaned immediately. While not using your upholstery for long periods of time can 'air wash' it and remove bad odours, the internal presence of bacteria is not a good thing for your upholstered furniture items. Professional upholstery cleaning use specialized tools that deep clean your upholstery and remove any and all smells.

Leather Is Becoming Discoloured And Uncomfortable

Leather upholstery requires just as much, if not more, attention as fabric upholstery. Leather also requires even more specialised upholstery cleaning services, so make sure when looking for a leather cleaner that they really do provide this and are not just a general upholstery cleaner. When your beautiful leather sofa, couch or dining chairs start to become a little bit discoloured or perhaps a bit stick or strangely textured, then it is time to get them cleaned. Leather can be a magnet for sweat, stains and bacteria so you need to make sure you get it professionally cleaned too.

Faded Look

If your upholstery is starting to look a little lifeless and doesn't seem to bounce back as much when you use it or the fabric itself seems quite tired, then a deep, overall upholstery cleaning can help refresh it and bring it back to life. These machines used during upholstery cleaning help fluff everything back up so that it looks and feels as though it were brand new again. This process does not damage the material of the chair, which is why you can be confident using it on expensive furniture as well as cheaper items. 

For more information on upholstery cleaning, contact a professional near you.