What Does a Professional Mould Remediation Process Involve?

If mould has taken root inside your home, you'll want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to hire a mould remediation company. But if you've never hired a mould remediation service before, you may be unsure of what the process involves from start to finish.

Put simply, mould remediation involves the identification, removal and sanitization of mould-affected areas. This process involves several important steps. But before the mould remediation service arrives, you'll need to prepare your home by moving furniture out of the way and clearing a path outside for the remediation truck. If you have any pets, move them to another room or house.

Step one: Isolation and disinfection

The mould remediation team will arrive and first isolate the area of your home that is affected by mould. They do this by sealing the area off with plastic sheeting. Once they have sealed the area, the team will spray an EPA-approved biocide on visible sources of mould.

Step two: Removal of contaminated objects

The remediation workers will bag and remove any porous objects that have been contaminated with mould. These objects may include drywall, clothing and fabrics such as curtains.

Step three: Cleaning of the area

Not all affected objects are removable, such as wooden structures within the home. The remediation workers will scrub and clean these areas down to remove mould. Once this process is complete, the workers will leave and return at a later date to evaluate the success of the treatment.

Step four: Checking the area

When the remediation workers return to your home, they will check to see if the treatment has killed the mould.

Step five: Encapsulation

If the treatment is successful, the workers will then spray your home with an encapsulant, a white paint that seals in any remaining mould to stop it from spreading in future. The encapsulation process usually goes beyond just the affected area.

Step six: Address cause of mould

You'll now need to address the cause of the mould problem in your home. If the mould issue occurred due to a leaky pipe, then you'll need to fix or repair that pipe. And this is the time to also replace any parts of your home that were damaged or removed due to the mould issue in your home.

Mould is bad for your health. If you notice that mould has started to appear inside your home but you aren't sure why, then contact a mould remediation service. They can help you find out why you have a mould issue and remove the mould as well.