Professionals to Hire After a Loved One Dies

After someone in your family or close circle of friends dies, you want to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, that may be difficult, considering the many tasks that often face friends and family after someone passes away! To help you through this difficult time, note some professionals to hire after someone dies, and how their services can assist.

A funeral planner

A funeral director can plan the actual funeral and assist in getting a death certificate from the hospital or nursing home. He or she can also arrange for transport of the deceased person's remains from the morgue to the funeral home itself.

A funeral planner, however, may offer additional services that make the day of the funeral easier on you. He or she may act as a type of event coordinator, finding a venue for a luncheon or other such gathering after the funeral, and may also hire rental cars for family and friends for the funeral. Whatever tasks are out of the area of expertise of the funeral director, the funeral planner can then assist.

Probate lawyer

Rather than trying to go through someone's will on your own, it's good to hire a probate lawyer. This can ensure that any disagreements or questions over that person's estate are settled quickly before legal battles get ugly and before someone decides to take certain pieces of property, access the deceased's bank accounts, and the like. Even if such disagreements did become very involved, it would then be the lawyer's job to handle those concerns.

Estate cleaners

Going through a deceased person's property can be very challenging, especially if that person has a lifetime of belongings left in their home. It can also be downright dangerous to try to clean the home of a hoarder, or of someone who was having mental or physical challenges that prevented them from keeping the house clean themselves, as the home may be infested with pests or may have mould growing along the walls and floors. 

In these cases, it's good to simply hire an estate cleaner or someone who specializes in cleaning out the homes, apartments, storage units and other properties of deceased persons. Such a cleaner can remove salvageable items, separate items that can be recycled, and toss out actual rubbish. They can then clean the home or apartment thoroughly, arranging for water or mould remediation or pest control as needed. This will leave you with a clean home or apartment that is ready or occupation or resale.

For more information, contact your local deceased estate cleaning company.