Two tips for keeping your marine vessel in pristine condition

If you own a fishing boat, a yacht or another type of marine vessel, here are some tips which should help you to keep it in pristine condition:

Wax it regularly

Waxing your marine vessel on a regular basis can give it a beautiful shine. However, wax also performs several other important functions.

It can, for example, prevent the build-up of dust (as wax creates a slippery surface that dust will not cling to). It can also act a protective barrier that will prevent spilled liquids from permanently staining the floors of the vessel.

As such, it's worth getting into the habit of waxing your vessel regularly. The frequency with which you will need to do this will depend on where you store the boat. If you keep it in the water at a local marina all year round, you will probably need to wax it at least four times a year, as the constant exposure to saltwater and UV rays will increase the speed at which the wax degrades.

However, if you store your boat in your garage and only take it out on the water occasionally during the warmer months, you will probably only need to wax it once a year.

It's worth noting that you will also need to reapply wax to any areas of your vessel on which you have used cleaning products to wipe up spillages or dirt, as surfactant-based detergents will remove the wax, along with the dirt.

Seek out the assistance of a cleaning company

If you are determined to keep your vessel in pristine condition, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning company that provides marine services to assist you.

A company that offers marine vessel cleaning services will have the specialist equipment, cleaning products and expertise that is needed to deep-clean your boat.

Their cleaning crew can perform a wide range of tasks, including hosing down the exterior to remove any saltwater build-up, mopping and buffing the floors, dusting the handrails and polishing any varnished wooden surfaces.

If your vessel has a cabin, they can also tackle the dirt, grime and dirt in this area. They can, for example, sanitise the bathroom, steam-clean the upholstery and wipe down the countertops and appliances.

While you could potentially do all of the above-mentioned tasks yourself, it would take an extremely long time, and it is unlikely that you would be able to do the work to the same high standard that a team of professional, experienced cleaners could.