Two tips for deep-cleaning your home

If you have plans to deep clean your home, here are two tips which you may find helpful.

De-clutter before you begin

Nothing slows down the progress of a deep-cleaning session more than clutter. If every table, dresser, countertop, windowsill and shelf in your home is covered with trinkets, framed pictures, books and gadgets, it will take you considerably longer to dust and polish these surfaces as you will be forced to move these items out of the way, one by one, before you can start cleaning.

Likewise, if there are shoes, toys and other items scattered around the floors of your home, it will take you absolutely ages to hoover or mop.

As such, the evening before you are due to begin your deep cleaning session, spend an hour or so removing as much of the clutter from the surfaces and floors of your home as possible. Simply put every item that might potentially get in the way of your cleaning efforts into a basket or box and then leave these containers in a safe place until after you have finished your work.

Whilst this will take a bit of effort, it will make the process of cleaning your home far simpler and quicker.

Hire an expert for tougher cleaning jobs

There are certain cleaning jobs which should be carried out by an expert. For example, if your sofas and armchairs are covered in stains, it would be wise not to try to clean the upholstery yourself, as it will almost certainly end up being a waste of time.

The reason for this is that stains which have already 'set' (i.e. have already bonded with the upholstery fabric fibres) cannot usually be removed by standard household cleaning products. Moreover, these products often contain abrasive chemicals which could potentially damage the upholstery fabric, weakening its fibres and making it more prone to tearing in the future.

As such, if your furniture is made from a particularly expensive material, such as leather or velvet, it would be wiser to hire a professional cleaner who specialises in residential upholstery cleaning to handle this task on your behalf, rather than taking a DIY approach which could shorten the lifespan of your sofas and armchairs.

Using heavy-duty cleaning tools and their own extensive experience and specialist knowledge, a professional cleaner should be able to remove all of the stains from your furniture in just an hour or two.