Prevent These 2 Health Risks With Professional Cleaning Of Your Lounge Suite Upholstery

Fabric lounge suites are the preferred choice for many Australians. The fabric provides a warm and soft place to recline, which many people like better than leather or vinyl-covered lounge suites. Unfortunately, fabric upholstery is more difficult to clean than other upholstery types. It's also more absorbent, which means that as well as dirt and stains, nasty health hazards can build up on the surface of the fabric and also within the inner parts of the lounge suite's padding.

The only way to effectively and hygienically clean lounge suites that are upholstered with fabric is to have them professionally cleaned. This can generally be carried out by a carpet cleaning contractor. As well as keeping your lounge suite clean, you'll also ensure that these two common health risks don't develop within your lounge suite.

1. Mould growth

Mould is a pervasive and concerning problem in many Australian homes. Mould can cause serious respiratory problems such as wheezing, coughing and restricted airways. It is particularly harmful to asthma sufferers, as it can exacerbate the condition significantly.

Mould spores can grow anywhere that provides the moisture and warmth they need to thrive, including your lounge suite fabric and padding. A professional clean that incorporates an anti-mould cleaning product will eradicate any mould growth. It will also kill mould spores and prevent the mould from regrowing.

2. Bacteria growth

Another culprit often found in lounge suites that aren't regularly cleaned is bacteria. In fact, your lounge suite contains more harmful bacteria than your toilet. Like mould, bacteria thrives in warm environments that are exposed to moisture. Lounge suites are an ideal breeding ground, with sweat, drink spills and food spills providing plenty of food for them to grow.

Bacteria growth can cause respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems and infections in small cuts or abrasions. A professional clean which includes an antibacterial agent will help to kill the bacteria growth in your lounge suite and provide a cleaner and safer place for your family to spend time on.

To keep your lounge suite looking good, smelling fresh and free from nasty mould and bacteria growth, a regular professional clean is essential. Many families opt for a yearly clean that they book in along with their annual professional carpet clean. If you have children and pets, a professional clean at least twice a year may be necessary to keep the dirt and germs at bay. To learn more, contact a company like Carpet Whiz.