5 reasons to encourage your teenager to be a cleaner

While cleaning for a living isn't usually viewed as a cool career move, there are many benefits to working in the commercial cleaning industry—particularly while you're young and physically fit. To help persuade your teen to seriously consider putting down their phone and picking up a scrubbing brush, here are five benefits of getting a casual job as a cleaner.

Learn self-sufficiency

While it may be a few years before your teen is leaving the family nest, now is the time to really nail down the basics of living a self-sufficient life. No parent wants to visit their adult child's new digs and feel like they're living in their own filth- or worse, feel obligated to tidy up after them. Part-time work as a cleaner will allow your teen to learn how to clean correctly from a professional, with accountability to the client and the motivation of a regular pay check. Win-win!

Be attentive to detail

There are grubby spots that a commercial cleaner learns to look out for- grime around door handles, dust on light switches, streaks on glass, water marks on backsplash tiles. Attention to these little details will help instil the value of a truly clean space in your teen at a formative age, and this attentiveness may even carry over into other areas of their life.

Appreciate the service industry

Your teen may go on to have a successful career outside of the service industry, however they will carry with them a basic appreciation for the work that service employees do. This is a fundamental life lesson, which will help your teen to empathise with those who work behind the café counter, grocery checkout operator, as well as the cleaners in their school, hotels and future workplaces.

Gain trust and confidence

Commercial cleaners are often charged with the responsibility of locking up premises securely, setting alarms, and being custodians for business keys and entry codes. As such, your teen will undergo a police check and gain the trust of both the employer and the clients. This instils a sense of loyalty and self-reliance, which naturally leads to the confidence in their trustworthiness and value.

Create a solid foundation for growth

While cleaning may not be your teens idea of a fulfilling lifelong career path, it does provide an excellent foundation of skills upon which they can build and grow a career of their choosing. Commercial cleaning supplies employees with a varied skill-set that can be positively included on any resume.