Tips for Removing Stains from Your Carpet

Stains on your carpet may be unavoidable from time to time. Cleaning stains on your carpet is a basic thing, but you need to do it right. If you do it wrong, you can work the stains further inside the fibres of your carpet. Stains are created differently, so you may need different solutions for each kind of stain. However, the way you handle the stains in most cases will just be the same. Therefore, before you take on the task of tackling stains on your carpet, here are some DIY tips and tricks to consider for your project.

Try Using Soap and Some Warm Water First

Before you grab your vinegar or any other stain removers, try some liquid dish detergent and warm water. Most stains, especially those that haven't set in yet, can be removed by this simple technique. However, when using water, be very careful not to use too much water. As a rule of thumb, the water should not reach the rug to avoid damaging the backing. If you realise you used too much water, you can run a clothing iron over it, but you need to place a piece of cloth on the stain first before using the iron. You can also use a fan over the stain to help with the drying too.

Don't Rub the Stains, Dab

If you are using solvent cleaners, use a piece of cloth to dab at the stains while applying some little downward pressure on the stained area. This is referred to as blotting, and it works to remove the stains effectively. If you rub the stains, you can spread them into the carpet fibres, making it harder to deal with. Also, work inwards from outside the stains. Working outwards will also spread the stains further inside the carpet fibres.

Consider Using Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

If you can find a solution of hydrogen peroxide, use it. The solution usually helps remove most types of stains. You must saturate the stains with the solution to loosen up the particles of the stains. You will also have to let the solution sit for a few minutes on the stains. You can then use a piece of cloth or paper towels to absorb the solution. You can also use some salt on the stains to help draw the moisture out of your carpet. A steam vac should help remove the rest of the moisture.