Three Ways to Keep Your Commercial Office Consistently Clean

When you're trying to run a business, it's all too easy to forget about the importance of maintaining a clean office environment. This is, however, a very important component of running a successful enterprise, as the condition of your business premises can have a significant impact on your professional reputation. Visiting clients and business associates who see a rundown, messy office that's covered in dust and grime are likely to assume that you don't take your business seriously or that you are simply unable to cope with the demands being placed on you. Given this, it really is vital to prioritise cleanliness in your office. Here are three things you can do to keep your commercial space in great condition at all times.

Take preventative measures

You can save yourself a lot of time by taking a few simple actions to prevent dirt from accumulating in your office. For example, by placing doormats at each of the entry points around the building, you can stop employees and clients from tracking mud and dust from the outdoors into your office space.

Additionally, if your employees have a tendency to leave takeaway coffee cups, food wrappers and tissues on their desks, it might be worth placing a small bin next to each staff member's cubicle. This will make it easier for them to keep their desks free of rubbish, as they won't have to trudge back and forth from the main office refuse bin whenever they need to dispose of something.

If thick layers of dust seem to accumulate on the surfaces around your office at an alarmingly fast rate, it may also be a good idea to invest in an air purifier. This will help to keep dust levels to a minimum, which will not only reduce the amount of dusting that needs to be done but will also improve the general air quality in the premises, by reducing the volume of dust mites, dirt particles, germs and other allergens in the air.

Get your employees involved

Making sure that your employees clean up after themselves is crucial if you want to maintain a clean office environment. Whilst your staff members should not be expected to do any heavy-duty tasks, such as washing the windows or hoovering the floors, it is perfectly reasonable to ask them to keep their own desks free from dirt and clutter, and to ask that each of them takes a turn at cleaning up the communal staff areas (such as the canteen, for example). You may need to set up a rota for the latter, so as to ensure that everyone does their fair share of the work. Try to make it as easy as possible for your employees to do their 'chores'. For example, you might want to leave a well-stocked caddy full of things like sponges, cloths, dusters and cleaning sprays, in an easily-accessible part of the communal area.

Hire a professional

Whilst, as mentioned above, you can (and probably should) encourage your employees to keep their own sections of the office neat and tidy, it is best to leave the more challenging tasks to a company that specialises in office cleaning services. Things such as disinfecting and deep cleaning the bathrooms, hoovering and spot-cleaning the carpets, and dusting the surfaces in an office space are all very time-consuming and physically demanding jobs, which neither you nor your employees should attempt to tackle. A professional cleaner will have access to the type of products and equipment needed to handle these type of tasks with ease. As such, if you're determined to maintain a very high level of cleanliness in your business premises, it's worth investing in this type of service.

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